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Asking for special resources PDF E-mail

The access to the resources of the computing and storage servers available in the centre is limited to make sure that systems work properly and are not overloaded. It is also necessary to establish limits in the execution times of the jobs in order to be able to plan the maintenance stops without having to interrupt the jobs running at that time.

Nevertheless, there are particular cases in which a user or a research group may require, for a limited period and for certain calculations, some extra resources or a priorization of their works with the aim of being competent in their field. In these cases CESGA provides limited access to these extra resources with the special resources form.

In general, the procedure to be followed in these situations consists in filling up an application form  for the access to these resources indicating, especially, what are those values the user wants to increase (memory, CPU time, number of processors, space on scratch disk or number of simultaneous jobs) or if he needs priorization of his jobs. It very important to indicate the start and end dates during which these special resources are going to be used, as well as to justify the reasons why theses resources are necessary.

Once the form  has been received, it will be analyzed by the Systems Department and they will communicate to the user the decision taken on the matter of its approval or denial, as well as the utilization conditions of the service.

As a general matter, after this period of time in which the user or group of users have access to extra resources, the user will have a penalty in the access to the resources in order to have a fair share among the systems.

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