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The Galician scientific community uses the web to satisfy their needs in data transmission, video-conference, IP telephony e-learning, video on demand or the use of interactive graphic applications.

Apart from connecting the research centers in Galicia, RECETGA, facilitates access to all services and resources available to the RedIris network and the Internet, as CESGA is the RedIris node in Galicia. This network allows researchers to connect remotely to CESGA resources on the fields of supercomputing, scientific visualization, animation and e-learning. Galician universities use this network to optimize their management.

One of the services is the interconnection of the campus of each university through permanent virtual circuits that are used to link telephonic centers. This means a great saving as it allows to make free of charge telephonic calls between campuses. CESGA is studying the possibility of spreading the same technology of voice transmission to other research centers using VoIP technologies (Voice over IP) and VoATM (Voice over ATM).

New services are constantly being added to the RECETGA offer. In the near future, users will have access to the “Library Network of the University of Galicia” through RECETGA. At CESGA we believe that service quality must be a fundamental part. This is inherent to the ATM technology. Having fast lines is not enough, lines must also be stable and must guarantee continuity of the service.

CESGA is investing in projects aimed at strengthening the current infrastructure, by improving and establishing new connection between main nodes using optic fiber. This will enable a high redundancy level, and to achieve central speeds over 2,5 Gbps, in the near future.

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