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GRID Production
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Period : 01 / 2000 - 01 / 2001
Responsible : Ignacio López

Description :

After the success achieved by DYGRA Films with its project “O Bosque Animado”, the company needs to be consolidated within the European audio-visual production market for it to guarantee its future. Collaboration with other companies and entities is required in order to reach an strategic position in this sector and, consequently, an economic and social promotion for Galicia.

Audio-visual production in digital format demands enormous computing and storing resources. It also requires to share technological facilities and information between collaborating and co-producing companies.

One of the keys for business success lies in the employment of permanently updated information and this statement also applies for the audio-visual sector. The generation and maintenance of an updated flow of news and information has become a top priority, as it fosters the making of decisions on regard to accurate data, as well as a prompt integration of innovation in the workflow of the company.

Having these aims in mind – the acquisition of updated information and its intelligent distribution, along with the need of sharing resources- it is necessary to design a system that embraces such needs. DYGRA Films will research and design the system and applications required to manage the information among the different collaborators and co-producers in a safe and ordered way, as well as the channels for the acquisition of information.

However, a technology allowing to share the technological resources of the different companies and entities that take part in each new project, with a strong and reliable identification of the involved parts, is required in order to make possible the creation of such system.

A new technology, known as GRID, was recently developed aiming to tackle the problem of sharing computing resources among different organisations. The current project targets to evaluate the GRID technology introducing viability in the field of multimedia production and its incorporation to a new multimedia project management system.

DYGRA Films will have CESGA as technological supplier. The latter will design, a GRID system allowing to share massive computing and storage resources, based on Globus 2.0 or a related technology. This system will be tested by connecting the existing rendering resources in CESGA, CIS Ferrol and Dygra Films. The possibility of employing design stations’ idle time to perform computing tasks will also be tested.

The integration of the different research projects will result in a project promoting collaboration, along with the use of technological resources by different users during idle times, according to project and needs. This project aims to provide a working and resources shared – use solution. It will result in the promotion of the Galician audiovisual sector, which will become more competitive and effective. collaboration and technological resources use by different users in idle times , according to project and needs.

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